The Master of Taste's Favourite: Whitley Neill G&T

  1. Pour 50ml of Whitley Neill Small Batch Gin in an ice filled glass (but taste it pure first!)
  2. Top with 100ml Indi Tonic
  3. Finish with a cape gooseberry and orange zest
  4. Enjoy an exotically tasting G&T !

The Master of Ceremony's Favourite: Nolet's G&T

  1. Pour 50ml of Nolet's Silver Dry Gin over ice in a Collins glass
  2. Add 150ml of 1724 Tonic Water
  3. Garnish with some dried cornflower
  4. Enjoy your wonderful floral G&T !

The Master of Administration's Favourite: Marton's G&T

  1. Pour 50ml of Marton's Dry Gin in a ice filled Copa glass
  2. Add 150ml of J.Gasco Tonic Water
  3. Stir it with liquorice root and add some ginger slices
  4. Sit back & enjoy an all-Italian G&T !