The Story About The Black Swan Gin

The Black Swan Gin inherited its traditional but eccentric and unique character from the exceptional bird that mysteriously disappeared from Bruges’ canals in 2014. Inspired by the black swan’s protected, picturesque & sophisticated biotope The Bruges Gin Society crafted this gin with the same passion as you’ll hopefully savour it. For sure its subtle touch of local herbs, chaperoned by mild citric flavours, will elegantly fly you to that beautiful city where the black swan once swam so proudly.

How To Drink Your Black Swan Gin

The Black Swan Gin can be prepared in many ways, but these recipes we cannot keep from you...

..:: On The Rocks ::..

Enjoy the purity of The Black Swan Gin, by drinking it on the rocks, topped with some orange zest.

..:: The Classic G&T ::..

Pour 4cl of Black Swan Gin in an ice-filled glass, and add 10cl of your favourite Indian Tonic. We prefer Schweppes Premium Mixer Original or San Pelligrino Old Tonic. Add some orange zest and a branch of woodruff for the best taste.

..:: The Missgroni ::..

Mix 5cl of Black Swan Gin with 3cl of dry vermouth and 3cl of Aperol. Pour in an ice-filled glass. Squeeze 3 parts of orange above the glass. Top off with some mint leaves and some orange zest.

..:: The Bruges Mule ::..

Muddle 1 blackberry and some lemon wedges in a shaker. Add ice and 5cl of Black Swan Gin. Shake, strain and pour it in an ice-filled glass. Top off with ginger beer, some blackberries and a branch of water mint.

Where can I find The Black Swan Gin?

Contact us for more information or head to your nearest spirit dealer ASAP!

Now available at:
  • Wijnen Van Maele - Sint-Michiels
  • The Bottle Shop - Brugge
  • PortB Chocolate & Beer Shop - Zeebrugge
  • Dranken Vanquathem - Zedelgem
  • Euro Van de Sompele - Assebroek
  • Carrefour Hypermarkt Sint-Kruis - Brugge
  • Carrefour Hypermarkt B-Park - Brugge
  • Carrefour Hypermarkt Sint-Denijs-Westrem
  • Carrefour Hypermarkt Oostakker
  • Carrefour Hypermarkt Kuringen - Hasselt
  • Carrefour Market Scheepsdale - Brugge
  • Carrefour Market Sint-Andries - Brugge
  • Horeca Totaal - Brugge
  • Keurslager Finesse - Assebroek
  • The Gin & Whisky Shop - Brugge en Vlezenbeek
  • Carrefour Market Zele - Zele
  • Universal Wine - Beernem
  • Bierhandel Reso - Oostkamp
  • Blend Wijnbar - Brugge
  • Tjiezz - Assebroek
  • 2Be - Brugge
  • Popsss - Brussel (Elsene)
  • Wines By Anton - Assebroek
  • and many more!!!